Christmas is on the way! What are you weighting for?

Many people struggle to lose weight and feeling unhappy about how they look they are drawn to endless diets and exercise regimes. These are invariably abandoned, and any weight lost eventually comes back on as they return to non-diet eating and abandon the exercise programs they started.

It is a fact that whilst diets can help people to lose weight, they fail on two major counts. The first is maintaining the weight loss and the second and perhaps more important is that they do not address the underlying cause of the weight problem.

This is where hypnotherapy steps in! You may be familiar with hypnosis as it has been a part of the entertainment industry for many decades. However, it is also used to help people overcome certain issues such as smoking, building up confidence and losing weight, changing bad habits into good ones etc.

Hypnosis puts the mind into a trance like state where it responds to direct suggestions. It is not sleeping, but rather a heightened state of mind where it is focused and allows for contact with the subconscious part of the mind. When the suggestions are followed, that person will be inclined to stay on their eating plan and not vary from it, which helps them to lose the excess weight.

Some suggestions may work because they place negative images or tastes in the mind for certain foods that are loaded with sugar or carbohydrates. This means that when seeing chocolate, the suggestion in the mind will create a bitter or unwanted taste that helps a person stay away from sugary or fatty items or meals. The goal is to change old habits that the mind and body have formed and replace them with new ones so that a person has a more positive experience by eating the right foods.

Another suggestion may help them to feel full after consuming smaller meals, making them less likely to snack or cheat on their diet. It also helps to break bad habits, such as overeating or consuming food before going to bed which otherwise might lead to weight gain.

So as the party invites roll in and the supermarket shelves start filling up with seasonal goodies, taking control of your weight and health during this time may seem daunting. However, this time of year can be an opportunity rather than an obstacle, an opportunity to take that step towards better health, adopting better habits while still savouring the Christmas spirit and not waiting anymore. Create a version of the festivities that aligns with your new wellness journey and a mindset that focuses on your overall well-being.  

Remember, it’s not about saying no to everything delicious; it’s about finding a balance that works for you.