Wellbeing Consultancy and Project Management

I will tailor programmes specifically to you,  helping you identify your goal or purpose, and supporting your progress in a way that is both subtle and long lasting.  These include one to one online sessions, corporate packages, customised audios and workplace wellbeing workshops.


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Tammy's Blog

Crafting Your Best Year Yet!

There are a lot of memes and blogs out there saying January is an arbitrary time for goal setting, that there’s nothing magical about it.

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Tammy's Blog

Christmas is on the way! What are you weighting for?

So as the party invites roll in and the supermarket shelves start filling up with seasonal goodies, taking control of your weight and health during this time may seem daunting. Create a version of the festivities that aligns with your new wellness journey and a mindset that focuses on your overall well-being.  

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Pure West Radio

Healthy Minds, Better Lives – January

Welcome to the New Year! Hello January! Greetings 2024! Tonight’s show looked at New Year resolutions, goal setting, managing your mindset and the importance of gut health on your wellbeing. 

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Pure West Radio

Healthy Minds, Better Lives – December

Welcome to December! Tonight’s show started with Christmas cheer versus festive fear, before moving onto New Year resolutions and managing expectations, and finished with a seasonal quiz!

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Pure West Radio

I'm fortunate enough to work with the fantastic team at Pure West.

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One to one meetings with Tammy brought a breath of fresh air into my life and she facilitated a change in my perspective from one of feeling completely burdened by my life to gaining some moments of contentment, peace and sometimes even joy in the day. Seeing this really helped my husband experiencing mixed dementia too. I needed to be consistently encouraged and reminded and Tammy gave me the support and tools to move forward and regain something of my lost identity.

SL Carers Wellbeing Project

Tammy has helped me to understand just how normal it is to feel overwhelmed when in the sort of situation I am in. I am dealing with a lot, so this will happen from time to time. As a result of her support, my relationship with my husband who has epilepsy is on a more even footing, I have more SLEEP and more guilt-free time and I definitely feel more in control. Thank you so much.

JA Carers Wellbeing Project

Without this intervention, I have no idea how I would have coped with the last year. Life continues to be extremely stressful as I enter the last part of my house move and try to settle in a new environment but with Tammy’s help I feel better equipped to deal with adversity, more empowered and have a few glimmers of hope for some kind of future. I hope that this project has enabled Tammy to help many more people like myself and that the importance of this vital lifeline is taken very seriously. Without this help, I really cannot imagine where I would be now but I know for sure it would not have been a good place.

KS Carers Wellbeing Project

I cannot recommend Tammy Foley Hypnotherapy highly enough. Went for help in quitting smoking and after one x 2 hour session I left a non smoker. That was 10 years ago now and I haven’t smoked since. Tammy is friendly, non-judgmental and thoroughly professional.

CH Former Smoker

Tammy is an exceptional therapist, very professional. She explained how the brain works which made it a lot easier for me to understand my thoughts and feelings and gave me goals to achieve weekly.

JW Public Speaker